How to get traffic for TGP blogs and forums

What is TGP?
TGP is an acronym for Thumbnail Gallery Post. TGP blogs and forums are those websites which post galleries of images.
Now when we talk about images there are two options for hosting gallery images.
  1. –  You can host them on your own site. 
  2. –  You can use an image host as an alternative.
As hosting doesn’t come cheap and most of us dont like taking huge backups, majority of blog owners use third party image hosts for hosting image galleries.
If we talk about forums, almost all TGP forums do not provide hosting images on their site. Using an image host is compulsory there. Not only that but users are made to choose an image host from a selected list.
During my research of such forums it came to my notice that there are two categories of image hosts.
  1. – The most popular paying hosts like image twist,  imgchili etc
  2. – Image hosts you have never heard before or the ones that you can see is being used by only a particular group of users.
It’s the second category that grabbed my attention.  As I dug deeper I found out that few people come together and start an imagehost on a small scale which is used to post galleries on selected forums. Now what happens is these people hire forum posters or they themselves work on a bunch of sites and spread the same set of images around them.
So what am I supposed to do?
You first need to find particular sites related to your sites niche which use a third party image host. If such site is a forum then find a particular set of threads relevant to your site. Check out the image host they are using. If it is not a very well known image host then you have found your guy.
A large amount of image hosts use advertisements on their site for paying hosting expenses (and for making profits as well obviously). Majority of these adverts are in the form of pop unders. Now if you haven’t used them yourself then I would like to tell you that they pay very less and that too keeps varying. So if you contact such webmasters and ask them to give your website’s pop under then they are more than happy to do so. (Provided you won’t spread malwares and such crappy things on your website). You can thus buy cheap pop unders and get extremely targeted traffic that too at cheap rates.
I’ve tried and tested this and it worked for me. I strongly recommend you to give it a shot. In case of any doubts feel free to drop a comment and I will answer to it to the best of my knowledge.

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