Spam Comment Moderation In Blogspot

You can reduce spam comment in your blogger blog by blogger’s new comment system. If someone made spam comments, this system automatically called them spam. If system can’t, you can make manually spam and delete that comment. So, let’s check the new comment system.

1. Log In your blogger blog account.
2. From the Dashboard click Comments. You can see the following picture for help.

3. In Comment page you can see three options such as Published, Awaiting Moderation, Spam.

4. In Published you can see the comments that system think they are OK. In Awaiting Moderation option you can see the comments that are newly made any you can moderate them. In spam, you can see comments that seems spam by this system.

5. You can see another three options in Published page. By this you can make any comments Spam or delete.

So, lets enjoy. You can also use Word Verification. This option also very effective for reducing spam comments.

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