How To Get Free Traffic from Manual Link Exchange?

For manual Link exchange you need to interact directly with the website owner or autor, this could be achieved by Adult webmaster boards or emailing via contact us page.

Manual Link Exchange could be 1 0n 1 (reciprocal link exchange) or 3 way link exchange,
There are many article you could find in google reguarding this kind of link exchanges,

I personally prefer 3 ways link exchange, I think it has got more weightage than normal reciprocal link exchange,

What is 3 way link exchange ?
Link exchange should be in related niche websites for SERP, In 3 way link exchange website (A) points a link to website (B), In return website (C) points a link to website (A). [Website (B) may or may not have a link pointing to website (C)],

This is a nice way to create backlinks from related niche websites,
Many webmaster are using this technique to promote their websites.

TIP:  If you are a webmaster then keep an habbit of checking bottom link exchanges and traffic trade links on every website you browse , you will definately find something that i may not know .

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